Kaepernick’s Kneeling Was Actually Beneficial for American Patriotism!


Colin Kaepernick took a strong political stance by lowering himself to a knee on the sidelines throughout the 2016 NFL season this fall as a member of the San Francisco 49ers during the playing of the National Anthem. (1)

Kaepernick promised not to stop the kneeling until he felt he saw positive change. 

Recently, Kaepernick said he has seen that change by announcing that he will go back to standing on the sidelines during the song. 

Arguably, some feel the quarterback has only decided to stop kneeling because he will soon hit the market as an NFL free agent and is trying to make himself as employable as possible with his choice to erect himself back to full-mass. Others argue that there hasn’t been much change at all politically in America and that even Kaepernick’s awareness generated behind the kneeling movement hasn’t produced enough ACTUAL change. 

As a sports reporter in the heartland of America, it’s easy for me to challenge this arguement and tell you of how Kaepernick’s protest have impacted the pre-game ceremony, it just may not have been the former 49er QB’s hopes for it.

UNI took on Drake University this fall for a Missouri Valley Conference women’s soccer showdown in Cedar Falls, Iowa. The Bulldogs of Drake all held there hands over there chest, the Panthers of UNI locked hands. 

Both teams had there own special ways to show courtesy to the anthem. 

This was my fourth time covering the annual in-state rivalry game of Drake vs. UNI and could not recall such attention to detail shown towards how the team’s conduct themselves during the Anthem. Surely, one could challenge or even claim Kaepernick’s antics had nothing to do with that instance but evidence has shown globally that Kaepernick’s impact reached to more than conjured up conductions in a D1-AA women’s soccer game.

Adam Silver made public statements to try and promote/encourage NBA to not do the same as Kaepernick and show respect by standing during the playing of the Nation’s Theme Song. (3)

Even more recently, U.S. Soccer has announced a bylaw change that requires players to now stand during the National Anthem. Megan Rapinoe is a famous member of U.S. Women’s National Team that also participated in Kaepernick’s stance by kneeling during the National Anthem for social injustice. Rapinoe did it because Kaepernick originally did; direct impact! What did it directly change? The bylaw that was put in place to require standing for U.S. Soccer players. 

Oddly, and in what feels a lot like reverse psychology, Kaepernick’s originally unpatriotic kneel has caused a need for patriotic promotion. In a weird way, Colin Kaepernick is an ambassador for the National Anthem after disrespecting it.

Surely, if you can tie Kaepernick’s actions to a bylaw change by U.S. Soccer, or comments made by the NBA commissioner, you can believe that he reached influence of high school sports programs, college teams and clubs and in-general households all over America.

So, on America’s behalf, thank you Colin Kaepernick for helping to promote America. Strangely, all it took was for you to disrespect it. 

Good luck with the job hunt! Good news is Cleveland may be hiring! (4)


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Over-Dose-Reaction Week 8!


***Steal the Show Week!*** 

The 2016 NFL season has reached the point of where main storylines are starting to take over team-vs.-team headlines from every game. While, there are normally underlying facts from the game that probably should have been more focused on. It was a common theme throughout the weekend’s contest’s leading to these reactions of what I’m claiming Steal the Show week!


Tennessee Titans 36, Jacksonville Jaguars 22

The story of Thursday Night Football gets more rags than a janitor’s hamper. Speaking of rags and hampers, throw those color rush uniform rags donned by the Titans and Jaguars Thursday in a hamper and throw that hamper in a pit and burn/bury them to never be worn/seen from again! The Jaguars played about as ugly as their attire in the 14 point loss that was more of a blowout than it seemed. The Titans and Marcus Mariota built a 27-0 halftime lead before JAX decided to play offense. Mariota finished with 270 passing yards and completed a highly efficient 18 of 22 passes on the night. But between the poor play of the Jags and the horrible fashion sense being recreated it was hard to see Mariota’s shine making it the game’s Steal the Show moment.


Cincinnati Bengals 27, Washington Redskins 27

Mike Nugent owes Josh Norman an anonymously shipped fruit cake after Sunday. Nugent missed an extra point in regulation that led to an end of game TIE! As unforgivable as the NFL TIE is, it has happened once again in 2016. UNFORGIVABLE! This one CAN be blamed on the kicker unlike week seven’s Sunday Night Football TIE as the Bengals offense actually managed to score touchdowns in this London set contest. Nugent was not the focus however, Norman managed to Steal the Show  in a post-game presser where the cornerback used lack of officiating for why he was continually burnt by A.J. Green of the Bengals in the TIE! (2). Green caught nine passes for 121 yards but according to Norman that falls on unnamed official 88 for his coverage failings.

Kansas City Chiefs 30, Indianapolis Colts 14

Nick Foles rose from the dead a day before Halloween Sunday when he ‘Stole the Show‘ by outperforming starter Alex Smith after coming in to lead the Chiefs to a win over the Colts. Smith had only completed 9 of 19 passes against the Colts from 119 yards and a touchdown. Not bad, but Foles came in for the injured QB and went 16 FOR 23 WITH TWO TOUHDOWNS AND 223 YARDS! That’s how Foles Stole the Show, plus it reitterates a seen notion of a questionable concussion possibly leading to Smith losing his job. (3)

Carolina Panthers 30, Arizona Cardinals 20

Cardinals are nose-diving and the Panthers finally looked like the team we expected to see in September. Are we talking about either? NO! What are we talking about then? Cam Newton. What else? But we’re not talking about Newton’s 14 of 27 completions or the dance moves Newton pulled in the end zone because he didn’t score any. Instead, we’re talking about Newton’s complaints about feeling unsafe on a football field. 

“It’s really taken the fun out of the game for me, honestly,” Newton told reporters after Carolina’s 30-20 victory over Arizona, “because, at times, I don’t even feel safe,” said Newton. (4)

Listen Cam, or read on if you will, when you’ve spent all of last season doing the dab and showing off when you score and continually Steal the Show you should feel scared. You are essentially pissing off finely tuned athletic machines with a hope for cause to hurt people. When you’re historically quoted saying, “I’m a firm believer if you don’t like it, keep me out (of the end zone).” (5) you have to reserve the fact that you SHOULD feel unsafe. Sorry Cam, no sympathy here. Don’t like it, stop blatantly Stealing the Show.

Oakland Raiders 30, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 24

The Raiders are now 6-2 and may finally be creating a case for themselves as the top contender to New England for the AFC top-spot. The win over Tampa helped cement the idea behind Derek Carr’s spectacular 40 completions for 513 yards of offense and four touchdowns. But the stat that REALLY Stole the Show was Oakland’s new record 23 penalties.  What’s funny of the penalty marked statement by OAK is that it’s just so fitting of the NFL’s historically known bad boys to set it.

New Orleans Saints 25, Seattle Seahawks 20 

While the Seahawks fell to 4-2-1, dropping a believed winnable game to NOLA, the result Steals the Show from a shocking stat. Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson has not thrown a touchdown in three games! Wilson is not known for his touchdown throwing abilities and has been labeled a “game managing” QB over the years. But to go three weeks without a TD in the NFL does not fly in 2016. There may be Trouble in Sounder-City with a capital T and that rhymes with P and that stands for Passer! But instead, the Saints upset Steals the Show from Russell’s weaknesses.

Houston Texans 20, Detroit Lions 19

Not a lot Stole the Show in H-town except for the unplanned mid-Sunday naps taken by viewers of the boring game. However, surprisingly the game ended without a Matt Stafford last second comeback drive for Detroit. After a poor onside kick attempt retained by Houston sealed the one-point win for the new unwanted front-runner of the unwanted AFC South. (6)

New England Patriots 41, Buffalo Bills 25

Bill Belichick may not be a company man when it comes to his starting QB Tom Brady. Tom Brady however is a company man on the Pats; and when you diss a company man’s company you can expect a retaliation! Brady avenged Buffallo’s week four upset of a Brady-less New England team 16-0 with four touchdowns a completion percentage of .667 and a Steal the Show performance. 

New York Jets 31, Cleveland Browns 28

Simply one team’s acquired win Stole the Show from the other. The Jets narrow three-point victory Steals the Show from the hope that the Browns would annex the goose egg in their win column as a franchise. Unfortunately, the Browns will need to find someone in a worse state than the current Jets to snag that growingly needed first victory.

Denver Broncos 27, San Diego Chargers 19

All season long the Chargers have relied on the levy system of Phillip Rivers to bank the currents of bad football. Sunday, the Rivers’ levy system broke! The Charger QB threw three picks, Stealing the Show in unfortunate ways in the week eight loss. (7)

Atlanta Falcons 33, Green Bay Packers 32

Matt Ryan’s having a phenomenal year and leading the Falcons to a possible playoff outlook from the NFC South. Sunday Ryan had a solid game with GB in a three touchdown 288 passing yard win. But Aaron Rodgers was the QB to Steal the Show simply by looking more like the Double Check Bad Man the NFL is used to. The Cheesehead’s tosser went 28/38 with four touchdowns in the close loss. Strangely, the NFL spectators are focused on Rodgers and not the Packers loss or being 4-3. (8)

Dallas Cowboys 29, Philadelphia 23

The Cowboy’s star rookie darlings did it again! No, not JUST win (6-2 this season). But the duo managed once again to Steal the Show! Over who? Carson Wentz of the Eagles? No, but instead they’re own teammates! Not surprisingly, the headlines have focused on the benefactors of the big uglies in Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot in weeks one through seven and now eight. Elliot and Prescott will always tip the headlines but maybe someday the offensive line that has helped generate the Cowboy’s phenomenal first half of the season will get their deserved credit. Until then, they’ll just have to keep enjoying their main compensation as Dallas players by cashing those heavy Jerry Jones paychecks!


Chicago Bears 20, Minnesota Vikings 10

Jay Cutler easily Stole the Show Monday night in their ten point win over their NFC North rival. Cutler was the center spotlight even more so not because of his 252 passing yards going 20/31 with a touchdown but because of his uncharacteristic locker room antics. (9) Cutler also Stole the Show from one his inspirees. Josh Howard ran for 153 yards and an equally as essential touchdown. Still, the starlight remained with suddenly unreadable Cutler. One has to wonder how long the act will last but until this positive vibe look gives out it’ll be interesting to see it’s effect on the 2-6 bottom-dwellers of the NFC North.



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Suck FOR Luck, Take Two!


We’re reaching the five year mark from when the football world found out that Peyton Manning would not play again in the 2011 season. Officially kicking off the debate of whether or not the Indianapolis Colt’s should tank out the remainder of the season in order to acquire the top NFL Draft selection. (1)

The question of ‘tank’ering took on the alias of “Suck for Luck” or Andrew Luck who was the then star college quarterback at Stanford University. Of course as history played out the Colts reserved the top pick, selected Luck, released Manning, and moved on. In the five years since conspiracist have lingered with the ‘did Indy or did they not in fact Suck for Luck?’ (2) Luck was given the starting position in the fall of 2012 with fitting parts around him to transition smoothly. Luck had a solid Offensive Cordinator in Bruce Arians, Reggie Wayne at Wide Receiver, a familiar face with Coby Fleener at Tight End, Antoine Bethea, Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis on defense. (3)

As Manning’s lingering team mates and coaches have moved on the Colts have relied more and more on their QB successor. Arians and Freeney moved onto Arizona, Fleener left with free agency, Wayne retired, Bethea left the Colts in 2014 free agency to the San Francisco 49ers. (4) The Colts had good turnouts in the early years of Luck’s time in Nap-town. 2012 saw a playoff birth. 2013 saw an AFC Divisional appearance and 2014 generated an AFC Championship performance.

Then came regress in 2015. Luck met an injury that had him either sidelined or ailed while on the field and the Colts realized their roster/management flaws in the process. Indy tried to find the remedy by firing coordinators (5) and trying to find replacements in lacking roster positions with additions like WR Phillip Dorsett, WR Donte Moncrief, DL Bjorne Werner, OL Jack Mewhort, (6).

The cures have not taken. Once again the Colts look about as bad as they did when Manning was sidelined in 2011 as the regression timeline has completed it’s first lap, climactically reching that point in a 23-26 loss to the Houston Texans. Indianapolis currently obtains a 2-4, 0-2 in the AFC South record and a slew of injuries causing a dilemma of roster stocking left to be done. Plus a questioning of what should be done with a controversial General Manager/Head Coach relationship that seems to be bizarre beyond recognization. No sense in running around the cess pond that’s growing into a lake; the Colts SUCK, and it’s time to start sucking for a reason. So why not suck for benefit of the one thing you have that doesn’t; Andrew Luck.

Some argue that Luck also sucks but fact is he’s carried the Colts to their outside hope of mediocrity! When you look at Indianapolis’ real issues; poor offensive line continuity (7), aged rushing game (8), bad defense (9), poor management (10) how can you ossicle blame Luck?

Truth is, Luck needs a team around him! 

How does that happen? You Suck! That’s right conspiracist, put down that box score from Week 17 of 2011, there is a new conspiracy brewing of where the Colts will go from here in 2016.

Don’t kid yourselves White and Blue fans; the season is hopeless. At this point if the Colts finished out undefeated they would be 12-4, and still probably not even land a top AFC spot. What are those odds with games vs Pittsburgh, Minnesota, Green Bay, Kansas City and even Oakland after botching their first two divisional games? (13) The playoffs are no longer realistic, negating the need to win with this persistently pessimistic roster trend built over two years.

You can’t insta-fix the Colts. They need roster restoration more than the Rivoli theater, they need improvement in management and coaching and they need the time to do it, they need the offseason. (14) Best way to rebuild a team is by acquiring picks! A good way to do that is to trade a top pick, unfortunately for an Indy that may take extra effort in 2016.

The Chicago Bears, need a quarterback and also suck! (11) The Jets suck and may need a quarterback, (12) as do the perennial QB lockers the Cleveland Browns (0-6). These teams are just a few that will pose a threat to the Colts ability to secure a top-pick in  the spring of 2017 the good news is the contrast in the needs of Indianapolis and the NFL’s 2016 slackers.

Luckfully for the Colts they don’t have a quarterback need but instead overall roster needs. By sucking harder than the other teams the rest the season the Colts could enable a top pick trade to one of these struggling teams for either more draft picks or profitable young players to rebuild their roster in the future.

Could the Colts find off-season gold in a top-pick trade with a team like the San Francisco 49ers? The niners need a quarterback and have TEN (most in the NFL) 2017 draft selections? (12)

Hate to admit this but the formula for tanking has come to the most sensible solution.

  • The 2016 Colts are not a playoff caliber team.
  • Andrew Luck is not the issue.
  • The Indianapolis lack of roster depth is the issue.

If management wants us as fans to believe that they are actually trying to solve the problems they have created for themselves they will carry out this plan and prove their competency with the results.
Suck out the rest of the season badly enough to earn a top pick in the 2017 draft. Play up a need for QB to generate trade discussion with a team like San Francisco or Chicago. Acquire a plethora of draft picks or prospects from teams for the needed roster vacancies and start the revamp the Luck era properly to avoid going through another 2016 season in his tenure at Indianapolis.

Sadly the Colts will have to bring back a tank mentality for the second time in a decade or at least bring out the discussion of tanking. There’s nothing to play for but the future in what’s left of 2016. Luck is the one working piece of the Colts machinery, it’s time to give him the pieces to work properly. The Colts may suck in the coming ten weeks of the season but let’s just hope as fans that they’re sucking for their future’s sake with Andrew Luck! Just as they did five years ago in order to land Luck. Welcome back Suck for Luck conspiracy.


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Over-Dose-Reaction; Week 5. *No Surprises*


**No Surprise Week!: Sorry over-reactors… This week was not for you! The week five trey of games presented almost no surprises and while some may try to make you believe otherwise the Lloyd-rage O-D-R is here to help tighten your football helmets and provide that cushion from over-reaction brain trauma. Rest assured, week five was about as according to plan as it should have been here’s the explanations as to why.


Arizona Cardinals 33, San Francisco 49ers 21

Does it really surprise anyone that another Thursday Night Football game example of retina torture? Blaine Gabbert and the ‘9ers vs Drew Stanton and the Cards. Frankly, I would rather have seen this quarterback match up five years ago when these guys QB’d Mizzou and Michigan State. Maybe at that level either tosser would have thrown for more than 200 yards. Between the two only 286 passing yards were produced with 162 going to Gabbert. In the end, it was Arizona’s better roster that won out the QB drool duel. This out come was about as surprising as Collin Kaepernick finding a way to steal head lines despite still kneeling the bench as a backup.


New England Patriots 33, Cleveland Browns 13

Does it really surprise anyone that Tom Brady’s comeback when flawlessly for the future Hall of Famer? Does it surprise anyone that the footnote of the Brady-back game came at the expense of Cleveland? Does it surprise anyone that we can forget all about the Garoppolo take-over talk? No? Okay, moving on.

Detroit Lions 24, Philadelphia Eagles 23

It should not surprise anyone that the Eagles regressed Sunday and suffered their first loss of the season. Why? Because as good as Carson Wentz has proven to be, it doesn’t change the fact that sometimes it’s hard to kick-start a team coming off a bye week, especially on the road. The Lions aren’t awful, their just not efficient; that reputation leads to a label that they’ll carry on through the year — Sleeper Team. No real surprise in the Lion win.

Indianapolis Colts 29, Chicago Bears 23

Adam Vinatieri is immortal! Is that surprising? No! I’d it surprising that Andrew Luck drove his 16th game-winning drive of his five year career? No! (1) Is it surprising that the Bears Jordan Howard (16 carries for 118, three catches for 45 yards and a touchdown (2)) had a pro-bowl day against the saloon-door Colts D, again? Meh, not really. The dysfunctional Colts squeaked out a win over the dysfunctional Bears. The only surprise to this game was the elixir Vinatieri seems to have running through his veins (5/5 field goals, longest 54(3))?

Buffalo Bills 30, Los Angeles Rams 19

Why does it surprise anyone that a team that calls home in LA would struggle in northern New York? The Bills were at a major advantage of playing at home against the Rams who are destined to go 8-8 by reputation, who by the way are now 3-2. With the time difference playing such a big factor this was a no surprise out come Sunday.

Tennessee Titans 30, Miami Dolphins 17

Does it surprise anyone that Ryan Tannehill and the Dolphins is a recipe for disaster? Does it surprise anyone that Marcus Mariota was able to counter off of of Demarco Murray’s +100 yard performance (121 yards off 27 carries) (4) to help him run for a touchdown and throw for three? Tannehill was sacked six times Sunday in the Miami loss and his only hand-up came in the form of “BOO’S” from the MIA crowd. No surprise that Tannehill has under-performed again or that the Titans were actually able to move the ball efficiently once their run-game got going, making for a predictable final verdict.

Washington Redskins 16, Baltimore Ravens 10

To this point in 2016 the Raven’s margin of score differential is five points. Their having a nail-biting season where they either linger with the team they trail or let the team their playing longer too long. So, Baltimore’s slim loss the Redskins is fitting considering their struggle to close. It want so much that the Redskins held out for the win as much as the result was settled by the Ravens typically lingering behind too long.

Minnesota Vikings 31, Houston Texans 13

(Known coming into the game) No J.J. Watt for the Texans. (5) Stout defense in the Vikings; sixth best in the league. (6). So, reduced defense for Houston with an expected struggle week for the Brock Osweiler led offense vs. the Vike’s D. So where’s the surprise in the Minnie 18 point victory? EXACTLY!

Pittsburgh 31, New York Jets 13

If anything was a surprise i the result of the Steelers vs. the Jets Sunday afternoon it was that Ryan Fitzpatrick landed a goose egg in the INT column of the box score. Fitz’ struggles have become a highlighted eyesore in recent weeks (nine in two weeks prior(7)), so to see the IVY league product stay out of the blame position for a week was a nice change of pace. Still, the AFC contest went as expected with the Jets being on the road against a believed superior opponent, falling behind early and not being able to keep up with Ben Roethlisberger and the Steeler’s unbending offense.

Atlanta Falcons 23, Denver Broncos 16

Although Denver was probably due for a loss, entering week five 4-0 with a tandem of rookie quarterbacks running things, it’s still surprising that of all people it was to the Falcons who traditionally aren’t road warriors. The Falcs tend to struggle outside the ATL, while the Broncos tend to thrive at home, however it was Tevin Coleman and the visitors who made themselves comfortable Sunday at Mile High stadium. Coleman used just four catches to mount 132 yards and a touchdown in the win for the NFC Southers. (8) Along with Atlanta’s surprising win is Coleman’s ability to perform considering while he battled the Denver conditions with his noted sickle cell troubles. (9)

Dallas Cowboys 28, Cincinnati Bengals 14

How can one be surprised by this out come? Given the Cowboys offensive line it was Ezekiel Elliot who had the shining star day in Dallas over rookie QB Dak Prescott. Elliot had 134 yards from 15 carries with two touchdowns, while Prescott went efficiently 18 for 24 passing with 1 TD and 224 yards. (11) The name’s associated with the headlines will favor a shocker of a result, with the two rookies but with the Cowboys offensive line Bartolo Colon could gallop for +100 yards on NFL defenses! The major letdown was Andy Dalton and the absent for three quarters offense of Cincinnati with the only off-the-norm tendency to this inner-conference match-up. The Bengals couldn’t put things together when they had the pigskin against a Cowboy D that is missing more names than a community college class check-in sheet. The Bengals need to be worried as they fall to 2-3 of losing grip of their season.

Oakland Raiders 34, San Diego Chargers 31

What a surprise, Phillip Rivers kept the Chargers in a game long enough for someone not named Phillip Rivers to blow it for them. After working an offensive scheme for the Chargers to put them in 36-yard field goal range for the tie, rookie Drew Kaser couldn’t fumbled ultimately costing SD. (12) The close score shouldn’t be a shocker either as this is a divisional contest featuring rivaled teams that know each other well. Add in a more mixed crowd due to geographical availability and you have the making for what SHOULD be a closely contested football game. Sadly for Rivers, he had to watch familiarity take over once again with his squad as has gotten all too repetitive over the past three seasons.

Green Bay Packers 23, New York Giants 16

The Packers are now 9-1 with Mike McCarthy coming off of bye weeks. (14) They were at Lambeau Field for their contest with the Giants and The only surprise of the Sunday Night feature should have been Odell Beckham Jr. Making up with the sideline kicking net. (13) Still, people are looking for over-reactions so why not blame the guy with the most too lose; Aaron Rodgers. People are saying Rodgers looked choppy in the win over the Giants; (15). Sure Rodgers didn’t have the most successful night, believe me I have him on FFL, I know. But it’s not like Rodgers didn’t throw for two touchdowns in the Packers win. Green Bay’s defense managed to keep Eli Manning at arms reach at the end of the game and cheese-head running game of Eddie Lacy helped seal a victory. Sounds like a typical Sunday night in ‘Scansin to me!


Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17, Carolina Panthers 14

Another game of week five that has spectators turning their heads without reason is the Monday Night game that featured the Panthers and Bucs in an NFC South showdown. Did I mention who the Panther’s quarterback was? With Cam Newton out on concussion protocol the Cats of Charlotte left the pack in the arms of former Cleveland Browns starter Derek Anderson who showed why his main experience as an NFL starter has came while he resided in Cleveland. Anderson committed a bad fumble that killed one drive and threw into double coverage, forcing a pass to tight end Greg Olsen, who looked as mighty as Thor in the Monday Night Showcase. Despite Olsen’s nine catches good for 181 yards of offense, (16) Anderson’s three turnovers turned out to be too much for the Panthers to overcome as Tampa Bay and rookie kicker Roberto Aguayo sealed the victory with a last-second 38 yard field-goal to seal it. No surprises should be held in the Carolina loss, their defense played well enough to win had the Panthers had a quarterback capable of doing so. Unfortunately, Carolina learned through Derek Anderson the hard lesson that you can’t paint over Brown, no matter how bright the teal blue is.


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Football And Dining-Out… Similar American Traditions!


Going out for dinner is an American luxury these days! The joys that American eateries can produce in some kitchens is remarkable and it’s all presented to you with hopefully helpful and worry-free service. The way we experience these visits to your favorite restaurants or diners has a common parallel in how we go about our ordering preferences with another things that’s beloved in the fifty states; football!

Like dining out, football is mainly consumed over the weekend and interestingly follows a similar timeline as our dining experiences.

Typically when you dine-out, you follow a routine with tendencies going to certain parts of the meal. An appetizer is your first choice and while you can live without the warmed-up warmer-upper, sometimes you just find yourself craving a a little taste.

The NFL’s weekly Thursday Night Football game in terms of the Football Weekend Timeline (FWT), is the appetizer.

The Thursday Night Game rarely is an essential game of the weekend but at that point of the week you can’t drone on around the office or warehouse having to hear about Gina’s daughter’s eighth grade back-up volleyball team, pretending to care as you smile and nod at her rant about the volleyball coach’s politics. It’s usually a divisional game for added intrigue, with temptation as the first stab of the weekend of football whale, some will toss that harpoon and give-in–most do. Just like the appetizer at the eatery of your choice. Usually, by the time the game is done and those fried jalapeno poppers are gone the reality does set in that you didn’t need to order that appetizer or watch that AFC South contest!

Typically, viewership of the Thursday Night game, like when ordering appetizers depends on how much time the customer has for such things. Still, restaurants and the NFL do not care about time restrictions… They care about business!

This quote from Scot Consentino, owner of Goodfellas Pizzeria added this selling tip on appetizers, backing the notion that appetizers or Thursday Night Football are simply was to get us to divulge in the products.

“We are in the business of selling,” Cosentino says. “If your staff doesn’t know that, then you’d better retrain them. If every wait staff employee can add an appetizer to the bill, it adds up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales and can make the difference between the success and failure of a business.” (1)

Much like Consentino’s business promoting, the NFL throws out a little nibble of the feasting/FWT tradition early in the Thursday night game not because you necessarily need it but more because your mind thinks you do! By weekend’s end when you’re wondering where your money/time is going and you feel you have to really start reconsidering your ordering/scheduling priorities. But when those little plates are dished out with a basket of wings to pass around and those NFL Color Rush jersey are put on for the Thursday Night game, you’re just enjoying the gorge.

While you were sitting in your booth and getting comfortable, going over the rigmarole of the week’s happenings with whatever loved ones bother to discuss them, you have a server with a pasted smile ask, “What can we get you to drink today?” The drink order… the NCAA games of the FWT and probably the biggest pivot point decision of the entire meal!

Drink orders and College Football games are never easy in America! Go to your nearest grocery store on Friday afternoon and observe the people analyzing the beer isles. Now, you’ll have your diehards that go in grab that 30-pack of Old Milwaukee and B-line it back out the store! These are the NCAA die-hards. They have their team/drink that they’ve been devout to their whole lives and that’s all they need. Then there are the rest of the observers who are pulled in more directions than a high school four-star recruit. There’s the prestigious beers that have higher prices (Guinness/Notre Dame), or the bountiful light beers that have more people’s attentions (Bud Light/Alabama), then there’s exotic beers and you just don’t know how good the really are (Sam Adams Grapefruit/Louisville). Than there are spirits that are sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet but never boring (Gin/Michigan or Rum/USC). Which will you choose? It’s sort of like college football Saturday football TV slates, where for the most part loyalty is tossed to the side and you are willing to give as a football fan any program your interest.


Your diehard drink choices are there week in, week out like your domestic pours. But that new season Oktoberfest brew just came in to the Top 25 rankings and you gotta find out what the fuss is about. Teams like Boise State, Texas Christian University and the University of Houston are your exotic beers that ma have some added flavor you’ve never witness/tasted. Which ever you choose is a gamble, as most NCAA games are as unpredictable as to what goes into a drink order. There’s the added risks that the kegs may be skunked out or nearing expiration. The bartender might be new and not know how to make a proper Old Fashioned, making for a long night of stomach turning like when a National Championship contender suffers a tough upset defeat. It’s a pivotal choice, but a great part of the FWT and the dining timeline as well. But now it’s time to answer the old lady and address the question, where’s the beef?… It lies with Sunday’s feast of NFL football or the dining-out main entrée.

Unlike the endless options of the drink-menu that is the NCAA, the NFL reserves people to 32 options. A much more considerable menu of devotion with fewer distractions but still added temptations to divert your intentions. For example, you may be a steak/potato guy (Steelers, Eagles, Packers fan) but tonight you have invested interest in the special (Panthers, Seahawks, Texans). Fantasy football in the NFL derives our attention as easily as that hot sizzling plate of fajitas that just whizzed by your table, causing you to wonder how important the game you want to watch is. The seasoned Tex-Mex dish can send you another direction and rethink your loyalty to that beefy-filet. Usually, it doesn’t sway you from that classic bacon burger with fries but it’s not like the NFL is going to limit you to that bun and beef sandwich. Perhaps you just want a homeland side like Texas toast (Dallas Cowboys) to go with your Mahimahi (Miami Dolphins), the NFL Sunday smorgasbord of games is just the right amount choices and ends your weekend of football/dining experience full and complete and hopefully with no backlash from poor service or preparation.

You’re sitting there. You’re full, slightly uncomfortable and contemplating how much alcohol potency is left in the backwash 1/12th of that tall draft beer you ordered. Do you get a box for that fourth of the steak that you can’t bear to look at anymore or acknowledge your inner-conscious to stop world hunger? The bill is looming of Monday and work, taking you away from the weekend and football. That moment when that server you seemingly forgot about whose smile has grown since you ordered that appetizer (Thursday Night Game/imported seasonal beer (Saturday Night Wisconsin vs. LSU) /large steak (Steelers Sunday afternoon game) with an added special side of grits (Atlanta Falcons Sunday night game) and they ask you “Now, has anyone left some room for dessert?”

Commonly, the dessert option is turned down, but sometimes you just have to give in! From basic ice cream/pie to the new frozen yogurt creation the NFL has this equivalent in the Monday Night Football game.

Monday Night Football, like dessert is a traditional glutenous classic. It’s something you hardly ever need but you always kinda long for. Even more similar to the FWT with dessert and dining-out you are worn down from the weekend’s long buffet of games/meals and drinks but you may just have to get that last bite in for good measure.

The Monday Night game has lost it’s luster as has ordering dessert in America over the years. (5) People don’t tend to flash out the extra bucks or attention to the weekend football finale just like they turn down the tempting spinning cake in the diner’s window. Perhaps, like the discomfort of realization of how much food you consumed or football you watched over the weekend has hit hard by Monday routine/sudden indigestion. It’s time to play catch-up with work or the slow down button with diet consumption and you more than likely just don’t need that last piece of the FWT or dining agenda. That doesn’t keep everyone away however.

According to a poll conducted by Monmouth University; “One in ten diners said they always order dessert, while 42 percent of diners never do. Diners in the west and southeastern regions of the U.S. are more likely than those in the Midwest to order dessert.” (2) However, that probably has more to do with the fact that desserts are seen in America as a means of celebrating and the Detroit Lions/Chicago Bears/Minnesota Vikings haven’t had much to celebrate over recent decades.

“No, no, you’re thinking of dessert—that’s food we have after we have our food. We eat tons of food. ” — Jim Gaffigan on American’s consumption of food. (3)

Football and Dining; two great and very similar traditions of Americana.

Thursday Night is the appetizer that we love to use to kickoff our gluttony early.

Friday/Saturday Night college football is the drink order, offering a plethora of options that leaves us always wondering, “What the hell that industry will come up with next?”

Sunday NFL Football is the main course and the entrée of our weekend where we really get what we want and pay the most attention to.

Since 2011-12, “Sunday Night Football” has led all of primetime television in the 18-49 demo and total viewers. (4)

And Monday Night is the never-ending struggle of the dessert option. It’s not necessary to most but still tend to give into it. MNF/Dessert leaves us lingering with something to work off/out of our systems for two work days as we finally receive that bill that we question on all of Tuesday and Wednesday.

The experience ends and you wonder if your service was worth it? Should that drink have cost that much? Did that waiter/waitress smile often and vibrantly enough? Will I come back to this establishment again? Most likely, yes to all. Why? Because it’s the entertainment value of American culture. Dining out and watching football are basic grains of American joy and both do a great job of reminding us in the expanded fifty colonies something we have in common… A feeling to gorge on our beloved things; in this case it’s football and dining!


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Over-Dose-Reaction; Week 3


PIVOT WEEK — Week three, the reaction overdoses still are being made about the 32 NFL franchises. And have a week left before they traditionally start taking merit. But some bold prediction can start to be foreseen. For example, only about twelve percent of teams that start 0-2 make the playoffs and only five in NFL history have after going 0-3. (2) There is some momentum being built in the team’s season long reputations, creating the need to discuss what point are the teams looking at through consensus take-always or beliefs. Each game will be explained and their collective pivot point will be given that I’ve accosciated with them. With the pivot lies the over-reaction.


New England Patriots 27, Houston Texans 0

Just looking at the box score it would be easy to say that the Houston defense got embarrassed by a third string quarterback in Jacoby Brissett. But that’s why paper needs human influence; a.k.a. words. The Texans d wasn’t so much up against the Patriots overwhelming offense in the week three opener as much as they were up against their own sidelines lack luster offense. Brissett and the Patriots were dealt short fields to work with that benefits a pound-ground team like the Pats. By the fourth quarter the all-white color rush jerseys that the Texans defense were sporting looked more like an eleven part shredded surrender flag after having to try and prevent the aftermath’s of Brock Osweiler’s consistent three-and-out drives all night and two fumbles on kickoff returns. Bellichick and Brissett looked dynamic but something needs to be said that the Texans defense at least kept Houston in the game for three quarters which should at least keep a sight of optimism for the Houston-loyalist. The pivot point from here is a storyline for both of the TNF game’s contestants. For the Patriots the storyline pivot is; “How much do the Patriots really need Brady before he comes back in week five?” For the Texans the turn will be; “Why did we believe so much in what we saw of Osweiler at Denver?” Osweiler threw for 196 yards, going 24/41 passing with an interception.


Buffalo Bills 33, Arizona Cardinals 18

Pivots. Buffalo; “Don’t us the Rex Ryan chair fire extinguisher yet, but don’t throw away the box of matches either. KEEP THAT SEAT HOT!” Rexy may not have pulled his seat from the burner but he reduced heat to medium following the early Sunday win. Arizona; “Are we still all that good?” Arizona has lost twice now, to the Pats and Bills. Their only win came in a 40-7 blowout… of Tampa Bay. The pivot reflects off the schedule as the Cardinals once again have a losing record, Sunday’s damning loss to a reeling Buffalo might cause confidence issues.

Minnesota Vikings 22, Carolina Panthers 10

The Vikings 2016 theme stayed true for another week; AP and D. Unfortunately, the AP factor of their theme is no more due to a week two injury. So, the D stepped up in his absence, yielding Cam Newton and the Panthers to just ten points in a statement road win! The Vikes defense held three shutout quarters allowing even the Sam Bradford led offense enough time to comeback with 20 points to help construct the twelve point win. The Pivots. Minnesota; “How long can our defense hold water without a truly efficient offensive unit?” Carolina; “Home doesn’t feel like home when the tenants are unrest. Do the added distractions of Charlotte continue to effect us in our own stadium and is our struggle enough to turn a tide of peace in Charlotte?” (6)

Denver Broncos 29, Cincinnati Bengals 17

To the Bengals credit, though it’s been three weeks into the season the 2016 season they have had three very tough weeks to deal with, resulting in  their 1-2 record. They have faced a fired up Jets team in week one to start the season that they squeaked by. Had a dogfight with AFC North rival Pittsburgh in week two and had to recharge and play host to another relentless defense in the Broncos. The Pivots from this AFC showdown resides to shake em’ off themes. Denver; “Got em’! Let’s just stay below radar and keep winning games.” Cincy; “We’re fine, we just need to get to the lighter side of our schedule… oh hey look, Miami! “

Green Bay Packers 34, Detroit Lions 27

Aaron Rodgers should just change his name to Frankie for how often he needs to tell cheese heads to R-E-L-A-X! (7) Rodgers only threw for 204 yards in the Green Bay 34-27 but they included four touchdown passes that proved essential in the Pack’s win over the NFC North foes. The pivots for these two teams require a step back and a broader perspective. Green Bay; “Stop crying wolf, the sheep’s fence lot more sturdy than we think.” Detroit; “The problem’s not Matt Stafford (385 yards and 3 touchdowns). So… what is the problem (Defense)?”

Baltimore Ravens 19, Jacksonville Jaguars 17

Almost as expected as ever in this match-up of two teams that just don’t consistently make regular season highlights. The Ravens just got by to claim another win, while Jacksonville just got beat and claimed another loss. The Ravens always seem to find ways to boringly win, while the Jags just keep finding ways to NOT win. The Pivots will be how the two teams move forward this season. Baltimore; “As long as we’re lamely winning under the radar, we’re good.” Jacksonville; “Let’s just be the Jags and give the people what they expect… Bottom dwellers.”

Miami Dolphins 30, Cleveland Browns 24

From an isolated entertainment stand-point two evenly matched teams is a great thing! So, if you were in South Florida for the game between Miami and the Browns you at least we’re entertained, but they were two evenly matched BAD NFL teams. Which was settled in a Dolphins win due to Jarvis Landry going off at receiver and capped with an OT touchdown run by Jay Ajayi sealing it. However in the broader perspective the two teams shared the same pivot spot and went opposite ways. Miami; “Hey, at least we aren’t as bad as the Browns.” Cleveland; “Yeah… We’re as bad as the Browns.”

Washington Redskins 29, New York Giants 27

Why is it that the NFC East can never give us a straight forward season. Just when you think the Redskins are going to be dead to the world they step up on defense and force late turnovers of Eli Manning, denying his 36th career game winning drive, and grabbing a divisional win to pivot back skyward. The Giants are walking a little less tall after dropping to 1-2 and will have identity issues looming in their rear-view from here. Washington; “Trust in Norman, not in Cousins.” New York Giants; “I guess those narrow wins say more about are overall success than we thought.

Oakland Raiders 17, Tennessee Titans 10

When you make QBs look average, you’ve had a good day in the NFL. And the Raiders defense needed that Sunday to change the gathered narrative of the Oakland score preservers. Oakland held Marcus Mariota to 215 yards passing and forced two interceptions, finally coming through on their preseason hype. The Titans will start questioning if they took the right path behind a smash mouth approach following Sunday’s one touchdown day. Tennessee:  Isn’t getting a lead essential to grinding down clock behind a run game? Maybe we should have thought of that.” Oakland; “There’s the D. Now we can get to work.”

Seattle Seahawks 37, San Francisco 49ers 18

With the score at 31-3 you have to wonder why Russell Wilson was even playing, but he was and he was injured as Murphy’s Law worked against Washington’s Hawks. San Francisco’s gold is finally starting to look fake and bend after their season opening win as they fall to the expected below .500. Seattle; “Won a battle, jeopardized the war.” San Francisco; “Ha, yeah. We were just playing. Let’s just hope the baseball Giants make the post-season and keep people’s attention off of us.”

Indianapolis Colts 26, San Diego Chargers 22

If you needed any more proof that the Colts are a bad team, research their week three contest with the Chargers. Sure, the Colts won but it took a cough up by the Charger’s Hunter Henry to ultimately enable the Indy win with a San Diego final drive fumble. The Colts have more holes than a Whack-A-Mole board in their roster caused by injury. They need a lot of help they won’t get during the season, making it impossible to think positive about this year’s chances. San Diego: “Phil, keep feeding your octo-foundation of kids, sorry that’s all we can do to compensate you.” (3) Indianapolis; “Grigson (GM) or Pagano (HC)… Both… Again?… Neither? Let’s just take what we can get out of this season. Will ACTUALLY settle this in winter this year.”

Kansas City Chiefs 24, New York Jets 3

*As a GM to a QB* 1 Interception… Shame on you. Interception 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6… Shame on me’s! How bad must the Jets QB situation be if they don’t even have the back-up power to pull Ryan Fitzpatrick following his hexo-pic performance Sunday? As for the Chiefs there is still cause for concern in their three touchdown win over the weekend. To have six interceptions on defense and to only win by a three score margin? The Chiefs need more points from the offensive side if they want people to stop thinking of them as a non-threat for the AFC crown. The pivots taken by both of these teams are hinging on the offense after this dozer of a game Sunday that invoked as many zzzzzz’s from fans as INTs from the KC D. New York; “One year contract for Fitzy? Alright, livable.” Kansas City; “The D was so good it even covered up our mediocre O this week.”

Los Angeles Rams 37, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 32

Jeff Fisher is above 50-50 after week three of the 2016 season, let’s just over react for the hell of it and assume he’ll  do better than that mark this year. It’s hard to take away anything from either team in this week three match-up. Do we try and validate the Bucs by saying the Rams are better than we thought? Do we credit LA for beating a Tampa team that a lot of people thought would be a vastly improved franchise less than a month ago? Do both teams suck and it was simply a matter of someone had to win or are both teams good and it was just a matter of somebody had to win, or are both teams pretty good and it was was just a matter of somebody had to lose? The pivots prove the real difference here with how the teams will walk from the enLIGHTENing Sunday contest away mentally. Tampa Bay; “Damn, we can’t even beat the Rams at home?” Los Angeles; “Damn. We just beat the Buccaneers on the road!”

Philadelphia Eagles 34, Pittsburgh Steelers 3

This was a perfect storm type product of media belief from both teams that helped concoct the upset of week three and probably of the first quarter overall of the season. The Steelers just managed a huge win over their rivals the Bengals in week two, while the Eagles flew in under the scrutiny that they hadn’t played anyone all season. The Eagles had a major score to settle with doubters and what better way to do that then to deliver a sound upset to a team who probably came in believing like the rest of us; that the Eagles were destined for a loss. Instead, we leave week three with an undefeated Philadelphia team that’s starting to flaunt their feathers more proudly while the Steelers walk away knowing they took a week off and now have a dent in their metal to show for it. The pivots — Philadelphia; “Finally being taken seriously, but let’s not act like we know.” Pittsburgh: “Alright, we abandoned a week and it showed. three weeks till the Patriots file into the Burg, let’s having matching overall records when they leave. (5-1)

Dallas Cowboys 31, Chicago Bears 17

Sunday Night Football needs to stop looking at the names on the front of jerseys when they schedule games and consider the names on the back a little more. Luck fully at least D-town held up their end of the load, while the Brian Hoyer led Bears just looked like a flat team that is just looking to cash NFL pay checks. Sunday Night’s showcase featured a first half where Chi-town scored three points to the Cowboys 24 and had those looking to work in the morning hitting the off button on their tvs early. Chicago: “Go Cubs Go!” Dallas; “Well… At least we can handle QBs like Hoyer.”

Atlanta Falcons 45, New Orleans Saints 32

Pivot week’s finale ended in the Big Easy where the Saints hosted NFC South foe the Falcons and played a pretty good host as well. It was a night MNF looked back on how football helped the city of New Orleans find it’s identity again after the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina. All the honoring was done away from football as the Saints defense allowed the dirty birds to take the gridiron at will, especially through the ground game! Devonta Freeman racked up 152 yards and set up Tevin Coleman with three very vulture-esque (4) short yardage touchdowns. The Saints defensive problems lingering from a year ago went unsolved into 2016 and the Saints are destined to face more issues on that side of the ball as the city of New Orleans is destined to eventually face the fact that they’re a town below sea level in a hurricane heavy location. Luckily for the “Aints” they have a future to correct it, it just won’t be till January. Atlanta; “Freeman or Coleman?… Screw it, we’re winning! Stick with both.” New Orleans; “Maybe we should rebuild. Go after J. Peppers… Jabril Peppers… Next spring… In the draft. Unlike our city, this 2016-7 ship ‘Aints’ worth restoring.” (5)


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NFL Over-Reaction-Dose; Week 1

Quick reactions to all of the National Football League’s previous week’s games.


Denver Broncos 21, Carolina Panthers 20

Despite what Cam Newton claimed going into Thursday’s season-opener, the game felt like a pretty close reenactment of February’s Super Bowl. Hell, we even got about as much of a sampling of Peyton Manning as we did on Super Bowl Sunday thanks to his press-box visit. The Broncos relied on a pedestrian offense with a stellar defense to overcome the same look Panthers who might be more offensive minded thanks to the comeback wide receiver  presence of Kelvin Benjamin who had six catches for 91 yards and a touchdown. (2) The Panthers and Broncos Super Bowl rematch felt like just that in week one and they did enough to have us expecting another crack at it come season’s end in Houston.

Philadelphia Eagles 29, Cleveland Browns 10

The start of two city’s new quarterback eras brought promise for one half of the crowd and curiosity for the other. Carson Wentz looked efficient in the win over the Browns, while Robert Griffin III played good enough to not be labeled ‘awful’. However, the orange pants can. While Eagles fans can probably let out a sigh of relief that they have their guy in Wentz, Cleveland fans now facing an RGIII injury can either hold their breath through next or just cut the losses and go back to summer hibernation till Cavaliers games start up again. 

Minnesota Vikings 25, Tennessee Titans 16

How Sam Bradfordish is it that he would sit out week one, watch Shaun Hill secure a win that was fought for mainly by the Vikings defense, and get to coast as the highest paid non-playing NFL quarterback since Eddie Martel (3 The Replacements). The Vikings laid out their season’s blueprint for 2016; Defense, Adrian Peterson or both. Week One, it was the defense!

Oakland Raiders 35, New Orleans Saints 34

Somewhere, Al Davis’ yellow-stained teeth were glowing as he saw Jack Del Rio elect to go for two late in the game to snag a win in a shootout with the Saints. Sadly, the Raiders defense disappointed giving up 34 points to the Saints but that may just be a higher credit to the N.O. offense whom put up 500 total offensive yards. (4)

Cincinnati Bengals 23, New York Jets 22

This is week one’s “Game of Indecision“. The game where you just can’t take away anything from it. Will The Bengals ever step up and be consistently dominant? Are the Jets actually AFC contenders? Is Ryan Fitzpatrick really an NFL starter? Giovanni Bernard or Jeremy Hill? Ugly or Beautiful? What was that, honestly? About the only cemented takeaway from Sunday’s contest was that A.J. Green is an absolute MONSTER! (12 catches for 180 yards and one TD) (5)

Kansas City Chiefs 33, San Diego Chargers 27 (OT)

Good thing Phillip Rivers’ EIGHT kids keeps him needing NFL paychecks otherwise I wouldn’t blame him if he just walked out on the Chargers. (6) San Diego gave up 17 fourth quarter points to the Chiefs who look like they might actually have a passing threat finally.

Houston Texans 23, Chicago Bears 14

The Texans receiving core looks a lot FULLER, if you catch my drift. Notre Dame rookie WR Will Fuller put up 100 receiving yards through four catches to balance out Houston’s previously criticized passing game. Meanwhile, the Bears continued a consistent questioning of Jay Cutler at quarterback following their opening loss. This season will be the back breaker for Cutler in Chicago, exhibit one of evidence will be looked at with his one interception, one touchdown 16/29 for 216 yard losing performance Sunday. 

Baltimore Ravens 13, Buffalo Bills 7

This game was UBER-boring and could have been foreshadowed by the fact that Jerry Hughes and Zach Brown missed the team bus to the field showing that the players probably didn’t even want to have to watch the game. (7) The Bills offense didn’t turn many heads after cranking necks in the off-season with a high signing price on quarterback Tyrod Taylor. (8) Sunday’s loss for Buffalo proved that the Bills may have a high-priced offense but need a matching production value from head coach Rex Ryan. Talent only gets a league that’s full of talent so far, Rex!

Green Bay Packers 27, Jacksonville Jaguars 23

No, Green Bay didn’t regress. Yes, Jacksonville has improved that much. One added poor-element that was obvious Sunday was that the Jags will have no home-field advantage in 2016. Jacksonville/Florida is an ideal retirement spot for people from Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan and Minnesota. Too bad the 2016 NFL schedule has the Jaguars facing the Packers, Vikings, Bears and Lions of the NFC North. (9) Jacksonville will grab the attention of the NFL this season, unfortunately for their team it’ll be in front of more of the opponent’s fans than their own!

Seattle Seahawks 12, Miami Dolphins 10

Distraction and procrastination was the takeaway from this afternoon kickoff between Miami and Seattle. The distraction; National Anthem antics by both teams. The procrastination; Offensive production! Entering the fourth quarter no touchdowns had been scored in a 6-3 snoozer of action that saw last second drama. Luckfully for the home-side Russell Wilson did his part in the end of the game to send the fans home satisfied but it’s hard not to wonder if more thoughts were spent on the pregame’s protocols than the in-game performance Sunday by both teams.  

Detroit Lions 39, Indianapolis Colts 35

With 0:37 seconds left Andrew Luck did what he always does for the Indianapolis Colts; put them in position to win a game. And once again, the Colts didn’t award their QB. The Colts gave up a last second field goal drive that might as well have been against the Kentucky Buckets. (10) The Colts continue to prove that they have nothing but a number 12 on their roster. But don’t try telling the former Stanford number one pick that, he was quick to blame himself again for the Colts Sunday slow start vs. the Lions. (11) Like Rivers, the Colts should just be thanking their lucky horse shoes that Luck doesn’t just call it quits and start working on his beard and promising future as a modern-day lumberjack.

New York Giants 20, Dallas Cowboys 19

Dak Prescott; still a rookie. Did the Cowboys newly acquired talent play well Sunday in an NFC East match-up with the Giants? Definitely! But allowing the clock to run out on the final drive and relying on his legs to buy HIMSELF time in he pocket screams rookie QB. The good news is that Dakota showed great potential in the claw week one loss and there is reason to be pleased for the Cowboys loyalist!

New England Patriots 23, Arizona Cardinals 21

How much did Jimmy Garoppolo secure a contract Sunday night when he led the Patriots on the road to a 1-0 start. Not too mention against the Arizona Cardinals who came into the regular season power ranked as the NFL’s number two ranked team. (12) Granted the Patriots were bailed out by a last second field goal miss it doesn’t change the fact that Jimmy G threw for 264 yards and a touch down without the option of Rob Gronkowski! Even if his longevity as New England’s QB only lasts as long as Tom Brady is suspended, it won’t be long before he gets a big money offer from someone. It will be interesting to see who that is! For Jimmy’s sake; let’s pray not Cleveland.

Pittsburgh Steelers 36, Washington Redskins 18

Probably the most dominant similarity the Steelers and Patriots have shared over the past decade is an overpowering run game no matter who’s got the ball in their basket. Monday night the the basket belonged to DeAngelo Williams. Williams mounted 143 yards and two touchdowns helping the Steelers to building a size able lead while the Redskins failed to consistently find the end zone. The MNF double-header opener looked like a playoff team vs a wild card contender.

San Francisco 49ers 28, Los Angeles Rams 0

When people go out to Hollywood to act they usually get their to find out they need to change their image with face-lifts, heavy tans and attitude readjustments. Apparently, same goes for NFL franchises. I try to avoid over reaction but the Rams gave up 28 points to last season’s worst team; the 49ers. Not too mention got blanked in the process. The Rams clearly need a face-lift (new head coach), heavy tan lines (more skill players) and an attitude readjustment (a leading/reliable quarterback).


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