BENJI-BARKS! 7-17-15! That’ll Do Tiger, That’ll Do!…

Friday – 7/17/15 – That’ll Do Tiger, That’ll Do!…

I’m sure I’m not the first to say that Tiger’s run of supremacy in professional golf is over. Just as I’m aware it won’t be the last we see of Tiger regardless whatever media publication he is linked to. Tiger will continue to try and find his form and get back to where he was in the sport of golf in his prime. Will it ever happen is the hot topic of debate, while his steady decline and diminishing dignity is the topic of hot speculation. This rant is simply a plea to try and push people though from the state of shock to the state of normalcy with seeing Tiger miss the cut.

After Friday’s performance, it looks like Woods will once again miss the cut but for the first time in back-to-back major competitions in his career. It’s been a long time since Tiger’s name being on the list of Golf competitors struck true interest of competition in spectators, instead Wood’s presence on pro tour golf courses now only sparks discussion of; “Is this his comeback?” or “Does Tiger have a chance?”.

This kind of sports chatter/stories needs to end. Tiger’s run as top-dog of golf is over. It happens with all sports greats. Eventually Muhammad Ali had to retire, Michael Jordan had to stop taking the last shot and Jake Taylor had to lay down a bunt instead of swinging for the fences. It doesn’t have to be a tragedy like it seems to be being played out. It’s simply an athlete reaching his run’s end. Is it sad? Sure, if you’re a disciple of Tiger and his legendary career that he’s had to this point. But there is an optimistic side to Tiger’s dominance ending.

He’s a golfer! Golf is the weirdest professional sport that we as sports followers highlight. It’s a sport that older people have an ability to dominate due to consistency and knowledge of one’s body over time alongside an understanding of golf strategy. Plus, golfers are enabled and more incline to linger around the sport because besides sponsors they’re only putting themselves/ their own legacies on the line when they golf. If Tiger was a member of the Boston Celtics and went out every night and went 0 for 18 from the field on the average he would be hurting the team to the point where he wouldn’t last long. But since Woods is a golfer he can go out week after week as long as he has a heavy enough sponsorship.

Which, brings us back to the dilemma of attention vs. production. Spectators and Media seem to hope Tiger the best in the future and most would hope for the comeback story that they may never get. So they continue to produce stories of wonder if Woods can accomplish the comeback but in the same articles don’t hesitate to ridicule and scrutinize Woods for his decision to continue on playing and distancing himself from the legendary Tiger of yesteryear. The conflict in attention vs. production plays off the belief of ‘even bad press is good press’. As long as the scrutiny and ridicule or ‘bad press’ continues Woods will continue to find sponsors willing to keep him competing.

So, what kind of solution needs to be reached?… Woods needs to either choose to stop playing, or the stories about Wood’s diminishing success needs to stop. Golf will not struggle without Tiger. Jordan Spieth, Rory Mcllroy, Dustin Johnson and other up-an-comers will take the torch into the next generation of golf greatness. Woods can keep competing and trying to fix whatever got him so far off the tracks, no harm done. But until even the bad press seizes, his damning finishes and missing of cuts or number of non-wins will continue to be highlighted and that’s where I hope to make my plea.

Stop talking about Tiger Wood’s poor performances! Focus where the focus should be. In the NBA or the NFL we don’t highlight the teams that just miss the playoffs. So, why make attention of Woods when he just misses the cut, especially when it’s almost came to be expected? A comeback is still possible for Woods. But until he’s bringing in big checks and heavily competing while wearing a red polo again, just let it go and let the man finish out his final professional days in peace.


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