How ESPN Can Turn Their Frown Upside Down


T’was the night before the NFL Draft and all through Hartford not a sports journalist was worried because not one had yet heard, but jobs would be lost and cast a dark cloud over the weekend. 

ESPN may have procrastinated to the last weekend of April but they finally finalized their spring cleaning. The final sweep of jobs throughout the media company left many seeking jobs and comfort to start the month of May. At the same time ESPN was left with questioning on the current state of the company.

Look on the brightside ESPN, at least you now have a new documentary to break out on us. 

Last week, the former World Wide Leader in Sports Coverage revealed a weakness by having to cut some on-air personalities and well known internet writers. (1) Those most notable were Ethan Strauss, Danny Kanell, Ed Werder and Trent Dilfer.

Was this foreseeable? 


The network has seen losses in recent years with layoffs before last week’s slaughtering of payroll positions. In 2015, the network laid off several hundred employees which was made very well known in the public’ eye. (2) Also, those who pay attention to on-air sports personalities have seen this kind of transformation coming through the career moves made by certain talking heads connected to the company. (3)

It’s hard to focus the blame for ESPN’s recent woes on just one thing. Some claim it’s cord-cutting and people finding alternative ways of getting their sports news, highlights and discussion. (5) Others have sounded out that ESPN’s agendas have plagued them in recent years. (4) Another direction of blame has gone to ESPN’s recent poor choice in taking up a massive deal with the NBA that is starting to appear as a dud. (6)

Whether your belief that the blame goes to cord-cutting, politically correct agendas, new media info alternatives or just lack of intrigue by the network’s programming investments does not matter to this post.

This post is simply an idea for the former Holy Grail of sports to generate some momentum back on their side. Almost like the smelling salt to get them off the canvas of the from their end of April layoff announcement. To me, there is a solution and it starts with a familiar beginning of a question, “What if I told you… ?” 

ESPN maybe on a downward slope but one program they produce that seems to still be doing well is their continued documentary series; 30 for 30. 

For those unfamiliar, the documentaries usually tell a story that was covered in ESPN’s history. Some range far back to the 70’s and 80’s like “Playing for the Mob” and “Pony Exce$$”. Recently, the series has covered more recent history topics with example features such as Coach Calipari’s recruiting success using a one-and-done basis in the documentary “One and Not Done.” (7)

The series continues to flourish, despite their network’s recent low-points. So why not take advantage of the camera facing your good side?

It’s time for ESPN to admit their mistakes and show their flaws through a 30 for 30 documentary that explains the reasons of their cord-cutting, agenda and media decision losses in an all-in-one tell all documentary.

The Promo;

“What if I told you, ‘Not to get TOO distracted by all of the highlights?’ … ESPN 30 for 30 presents; “CUT!”

The documentary could feature those laid-off and their reactions to it. The documentary could also feature proper and visual explanations of what in their eyes has gone wrong over the past years and even promote reasons to stay with the Network in the future for the casual fans like myself.

Losing ESPN would be like losing a good childhood friend personally, as I imagine it would be for many. I grew up with the network being a constant source and yeah, I’ve grown apart from them, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still have feelings of admiration and loyalty for them. 

Solutions are the only place to go from here for the Connecticut based company, not blame! 

I think a 30 for 30 of explanation with a humbled approach could be a great way for ESPN to bounce back. 

We all fall on our butt’s eventually, it’s how we respond that shows our true value. It’s time for ESPN to prove their company’s worth!










The NBA Spoiled “Spoiler” Games



Did you hear? 

The NBA PREseason is finally over!

Let’s face it, the NBA season is an 82 game formality anymore! Did 82 games really need to be played to find out that the eight teams from each conference are going to make-up the 2017 NBA Playoffs? The lone surrprise of the 16 teams that will fight to extend their basketball season to mid-summer for a shot at the finals, is that Lebron’s Cavaliers aren’t the top-seed in the Eastern Conference. (1) But this season nothing on the court should be surprising. Instead, what should raise eyebrows is the amount of times “DNP – Rest” shows up on a nightly occurrence.

This reoccurring stat omission is not in jeopardy to even once great things that kept the NBA “watchable” throughout the dull of winter. Some of those great things used to be team rivalries, player rivalries, and drama from the OUTCOMES of GAMES. Now, thanks to DNP-R, All-Stars joining up and other factors we have lost a lot of those things. 

Example – Now, the drama isn’t from the outcomes of games but rather the outcome of “Twitter Shade” between  passed between players. But one of those things that should never have been lost are the beloved SPOILER GAMES at the end of the season.

Spoiler games you ask?


They are the games that take place at the end of the season that all teams should be amped up for. 

The point to these games? 

To sell tickets and give one final nod of respect to the NBA’s fans that paid and slaved away nightly for seats to be entertained by these basketball sorcerers. 

Spoiler games can take on many reenactments. It can be a team trying for home-court advantage and a non-playoff contender trying to prevent them from a comfy post season. It can be a top-seed team looking to knock down or knock-out a late season bloomer just on the fringe of the playoff field. 

This past Wednesday, the NBA season finale night, had multiple chances to recreate beautiful spoiler scenarios. Instead, this generation of NBA athletes chose to just toss the apples of entertainment in the trash rather than bite into the spoiling fun!

The Chicago Bulls took on the Brooklyn Nets, presenting the BK-boys a chance to ruin the Bulls playoff hopes. Maybe igniting a storyline to be cliff-hanged for next season when the Nets and Bulls face-off again. Instead, the Nets sat their players, enabling an easy 112- 73 Chicago victory and forgoing the fun of a knockout. (2)

The same thing took place not far away in Indianapolis where the Atlanta Hawks sat starters allowing the Pacers to clinch the eight seed of the East. The Indiana win also ensured that the Miami Heat would stay shored on the beach of the Playoffs instead of bathing in Late-April basketball waters! (3)

The Pacers are in, the Bulls are in and the Heat are left out. No harm done right? Think nothing was lost in the absence of spoiling in 2017? 


But the damage won’t show in May and June, it will show in the loss of fun storylines that the fans love in 2018. Now, the drama in next year’s regular season can not exists between teams with recent history like the Bulls and Heat or Pacers and Heat or the division rivalry between the Bulls and the Pacers.

Imagine those lines say if the Heat had replaced one of the other two due to a spoiled loss. Or how heated the Pacers-Bulls matchups could be if their was an added lingering feel of playoff envy next winter. How great could a a first round series between Miami and Boston have been had the spoilers effected it accordingly? It might have reignited that recent great rivalry between the two franchises!

But no, thanks to the SHAM of DNP-R, the spoilers did not happen and ultimately the league will have to suffer.

The NBA spoiled our spoiler night, in the Mets case for the sake of rest before off-season rest. (*Shaking My Head*)

It’s been a long and dreadful NBA pre-season that has ended just in time for the Easter holiday. Luckfully, we can all take pleasure that the NBA’s REAL season has rejoined us. So, rejoice this holiday weekend NBA fan, meaningful basketball has hopefully finally risen.





How the U.S.A. Won and Lost the World Baseball Classic


In 1976, in the Southern California Little League baseball Championship game, the underdog “Bad News” Bears coached by Morris Buttermaker gave a valiant losing effort against the heavily favored Yankee’s. The Bears lost the game on a play at the plate where Kelly Leake was called out after hitting a base-clearing triple, trying to take home for the game-tying run.

The Yankees got a trophy three times the size of the runner-up trophy at the post-game award ceremony. The Bears, via Buttermaker were awarded beer and a feeling of positivity at what they had accomplished in one summer. The accomplishment the team sponsored by Chico’s Bail Bonds managed to conquer was a team improvement of coming within one run of the team that started off on opening day beating the Bears 26-0. 

The Yanks condescendingly congratulated the Bears and handed them their much smaller prize of a runner-up trophy. The response was as if Colonel Sanders was handed a happy meal; unsatisfying and not what was wanted anyhow.

And how did the Bears react; with the underdog’s team individual underdog story – Timmy Lupis – throwing the trophy at the pompous Yankees and saying, “Wait till next year!” As the whole team partied on like Wayne Campbell in a mega-happy ending mirage of beer showers of their accomplishment. The Yankees were left wondering what they had truly won in just another trophy. The “moral” victory was won by the Bears. (1)

The 2017 World Baseball Classic had a similarity in storyline to the 1970’s classic underdog film described above; The Bad News Bears”.

The United States team of Major League Baseball stars won the World Baseball Classic over a Puerto Rican team that many thought was the superior team, featuring many MLB stars as well. However, the PR team had already had t-shirts made stating themselves the 2017 WBC Champions with the added joy of a parade waiting for them back home after the competition. Members of the US team took the opponent’s celebration being planned early as a sign of disrespect in a sport and culture that disapproves disrespect in any form as voiced by outfielders Adam Jones and Andrew McCutchen.

“That didn’t sit well with us, so we did what we had to do,” Jones said. (2)

“It didn’t sit well… We heard and we saw T-shirts were made and printed out for the Puerto Rican team. We even heard a flight was made for them for that parade because they said they were going to win. That ignited us, we were ready to go, and we showed that tonight,” said McCutchen. (2)

What the real-life Yankees didn’t know is that even though they entered the game with the Pierto Ricans as the Bears (underdogs) by the end they were taking on the pompous role.

Puerto Rico/St. Louis Cardinals catcher, Yadier Molina and Puerto Rican and Houston Astros third baseman Carlos Correa responded in longer terms like Buttermaker and Lupis in the classic baseball film.

First Molina, illuminated the country of Puerto Rico feeling correct for wanting to celebrate their performance in the international competition.

“He really has to get informed because he shouldn’t have said those comments, let alone in public and mocking the way [preparations] were made. … He has to apologize to the Puerto Rican people.” … “Obviously, you wanted to win; he didn’t know what this means to [our] people. … “Look at this, right now you’re in spring training working out, and we’re with our people, with our silver medals. You’re (Jones) in spring training and you’re (Jones) working.” … “You (Jones) have no idea how to celebrate your honors, you don’t know what it means,” said Molina.

To Buttermaker celebrating your honors meant beers and cheers! For Yadi, that means a parade and pride in a silver medal. 

The Bears and Puerto Team have as differing styles of celebration as their reasons for celebration. While the Bears were celebrating the improvement the team made throughout the summer. Molina and Correa/Puerto Rico celebrated what was accomplished through the WBC by their country as presented through Correa’s interpretation.

“There were no crimes, there were no assassinations back home while we were playing in this classic.” … “Everybody was dyeing their hair blond, so we had our whole nation behind us that is going through tough times right now,” said Cortes. (3)

Adam Jones has since reaffirmed that he meant no harm towards the celebration of the Puerto Rican people or the country in general. Jones stated the pre-Championship plans simply were used as motivation to play well in the US’s 8-0 win over PR. (6)

In the now 25-year old sports film, White Men Can’t Jump, Rosie Perez plays a Latino female role that has an equal perspective as the Bears, Molina/Correa and the Puerto Rican’s.

“Sometimes when you win, you really lose, and sometimes when you lose, you really win, and sometimes when you win or lose, you actually tie, and sometimes when you tie, you actually win or lose. Winning or losing is all one organic mechanism, from which one extracts what one needs,” said Gloria Clemente (Perez) to Billy Hoyle (Woody Harrelson) in a scene of White Men Can’t Jump. (4) 

Coincidentally, although Perez was born in New York, she was born to Puerto Rican immigrant parents. (5)

Gloria’s soliloquy in White Men Can’t Jump is illuminated with Buttermaker’s Bears cheersing to their accomplishments or Correa and Molina taking pride and rejoicing in the second place finish.

In the end, the US may have won on the scoreboard and the trophy case but they really lost by taking a pompous route to do it! Meanwhile, as the Puerto Rican team lost they really won, by having a bigger perspective of accomplishment via entertainment and societal peace.

The WBC is a good reminder of what baseball should be; FUN!

In the United States, the society’s constant demand to achieve can takeaway from the reality of what we need to extract from baseball.

Baseball is a celebration of a peaceful side of life as shown by the country-folk of Puerto Rico and told by Correa. 

No shame on Jones is meant by this post, he is simply doing what he can to give Americans what they crave to extract from baseball; winning! Maybe it’s time to step-back and observe, just in case we don’t win, what we’ve accomplished as participants in the WBC overall; A great couple weeks of baseball entertainment where fun was more than just allowed… it was rewarded!








NCAA Die-Hard Fans Should Love the One & Done Concept


Brackets! Let’s talk about them! 

The goal… that your bracket doesn’t go up in flames beneath you like an iMotor Hoverboard. (1) As you fill them out and pretend to know something about each of the 68 (64?, I don’t know what legally qualifies teams as tournament participants anymore) schools involved in the anual NCAA March Madness Championship Tournament, you have to ask yourself the standard questions. 

“What’s their seed?”

“What’s their record on the year?”

“What Conference are they in?”

“How good was said Conference?”

“Who’s their coach?”

“Where’s the game being played and who’s closer or more used to that setting?”

“How long have the players been together on that team?”

“Wh… Wait, not even a year together you said?”

As you adjust your selections along your own unknowing mostly fictional criteria you realize you can’t rely on the name’s on the back. 


Because you don’t know who those college athletes are. 

The one and done era of collegiate sports has taken over college basketball. Fans have had to become practically foster parents in the stands of the university gymnasiums they get r-o-w-d-i-e in from November through February. Hardly learning the proper pronunciation of the freshmen names that don’t intend to stick around past their 36th credit hour at the college. The process, although ten years old since being added to the NBA laws, is just as frustrating for NCAA fans today as it was in 2006. (3)

It especially becomes frustrating this time of the year when you’re filling out your companys bracket challenge field and want to prove you know more than last year’s winner; Barb in Sales who knows that a basketball has air in it and that’s about it. But Barb is destined to repeat because you don’t know what these 18-20 year-old athletes are capable of doing in a big tournament like you used to be able to with guys like Luol Cinder, James Worthy and Christian Laettner. 

Luckfully, you find something to rely on, since player familiarization isn’t there anymore. Instead, you must resort to Barb’s style of picking in the basketball elimination with one criteria question that’s as historically reliant as the backboard on a hoop; “what teams are historically good?”

ALL OF THIS… made inevitable because of the one and done. You must rely on relevance to state your knowledge. 

Likewise, the same goes into your loyalty as a fan, making an objection to the one and done process being flawed by even the purists of college basketball fans.

Let this theory survive and advance as the purists lament the idea over their alma-mater basketball powerhouse school holding a star recruit long enough for them to complete even a minor degree. 

Sure, there is some form of loyalty lost in the one and done process by not getting to enjoy a routine of name-chants year to year or an as meaningful senior night promotion come February. Fortunately, there is a loyalty that has been summoned up from it and needs to be recognized; YOUR LOYALTY in YOUR TEAM as a fan! 

Lonzo Ball will not be at UCLA next fall semester, Malik Monk will not reside in Kentucky, Harry Giles will not be under the direction of Coach Mike Krzyzewski in Durham. (2) but you know who will be at Rupp Arena, attending UCLA games and at the Duke vs. North Carolina rivalry in 2018? You! The die-hard fan! The one and done process (although frustrating for loyalist fans all over) even helps promote what those very die-hardship use as an argument against players that opt fir the pros early…


Die-hards shouldn’t hate the one and done process. In fact, they should embrace it. The early exits of star players forces fans to build a relationship with something they still can rely on; at the end of the day’s that remaining finalists is the institution!



Who Wore Football Fandom Worse? PSG or AFC Fans?


The UEFA Champions League isn’t friendly to those who dislike math or drama-thrillers!

Especially in the knockout stages where a series of games is played between the drawing of two teams that have been weeded down to from a round robin series of group play.

Arsenal FC of the English Premier League drew Bayern Munchen of the German Bundesliga in their knockout stage pairing. As Paris-St. Germaine of the Lige 1 in France drew FC Barcelona of La Liga in Spain. 

The competition makes for intriguing match-ups with some of Europe’s top clubs as proven by how they finish the year prior to qualify for the next season’s event. It allows bragging rights for not only a league to say they had the top team, but a club to consider themselves the premier club of the continent! 

UCL enables unrivaled drama among Europe and as shown recently, the world thanks to this week’s games between AFC vs. Bayern and PSG vs. Barça. Unfortunately, that unrivaled drama doesn’t get left on the pitch when the 90 minutes are up when it comes to fans and sometimes is too impatient to wait for the even the first minute of play.


AFC vs. Bayern — Before the match the Gunners of AFC were trailing Bayern on aggregate 1-5. The aggregate is a totaled sum of two games to determine who moves on. In this scenario Bayern had crushed AFC at home a few weeks earlier and simply had to hold their lead and not give up a 4-0 loss to move on. 

Gunner fans were already overwhelmed by the 5-1 defeat in the first leg and chose to heckle their own team before the game. Supporters chanted, “Wenger Out!” In protest of club manager Arsene Wenger whom has under achieved in the eyes of most Gunner fans to the point of boiling and the tea kettle of complaint overflowed throughout Emirates Stadium Tuesday in the wake of it! (3) 

Arsenal salvaged a first half goal to tease the fans along with a glimmer of hope of a comeback with the aggregate at 2-5. But the improbable was cemented as impossible in the second half when Bayern slotted five more goals on the Gunners to knockout AFC by a 10-2 aggregate. The aggregate deficit matched a UEFA Champions League record and most believe was the tidal wave that will wash-out the Wenger Era at Arsenal. A wave that one would think was most unstoppable anyhow after building up from vocalized and  publicized fan displeasure in recent months. (2)

The fans may not be wrong for their displeasure with Wenger whom has produced six FA Cups/FA Community Shields at AFC, one Champions League final and  three FA Premier Titles (last one in 2003), since taking over the perennial contending London club in 1996. (4) While he has gotten the club trophies, they are either outdated or in competitions that some would say aren’t as meaningful. That frustration has built over the years and for most Gunner followers it has over-ran its course! 

With the embarrassing loss to the German club Tuesday, fans may have done the ridiculing but should realize that they’re frustration flagpole not lead to the distraction prior to the game of displeasure for Wenger. The result an embarrassed performance from the Gunners sidelined and an equally if not worsened performance by the Red and White London fans at the Emirates Stadium as the inspiration.

PSG vs. FC Barcelona — 4-0 aggregate held by PSG after leg one and all they had to do was hold off Barcelona despite their star roster complied of names like Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Neymar Jr. from an improbable comeback. 

After 50 minutes Barça had dug well into the deficit scoring three goals to make the improbable seem inevitable. Until, PSG answered the momentum swing with a roundhouse kick to the nuts in an away goal to make the overall aggregate 5-3. (away goals mean more in the UEFA knockout stage as they are tie-breaker deciders). Surely, the French could rest back home and ensure themselves a spot in the semi-finals this spring, think the curtain had been dropped on the great Barcelona. 

But the Spanish club had one more act of drama to perform on Wednesday night in Spain thanks to two late goals in the 88th and 91st minute from the Brazilian, Neymar Jr. finally on the last kick of the match Barcelona completed the comeback as Sergio Roberto netted the needed and deciding sixth goal to send the Spaniard side through and the French side home. A devastating blow to the City of Love who were teased by the tournament of lust that is the UCL! 6-5 the aggregate stood as the final whistle was blown. (5)

But like Gunner fans in London, the PSG supporters would not go quietly on with the proceedings. Not only did fans greet home their side with scrutiny and heckling, they added onto the eclair of hatred by dropping in the filling in the form of vandalization to the PSG player cars. (6)

The PSG wounds were still fresh and the salt was mercilessly added on by the St. Germain fans, making one wonder who do you feel worse for? The AFC players who had to endure scrutiny of their manager as influence from their fans or the PSG players for having to live through scrutiny on top of a loss. 

Would you rather horribly be blown out and embarrassed like Arsenal? Or vastly ridiculed and shamed for choking horribly like Paris St. Germain’s squad?

Die-hard football fans that take things too far are known as Hooligans, they may take offense to that title but when the name tag has reason to be sticky it’s going to stick. In the case of the fans mentioned in this blog post of AFC and PSG, the harsh Hooligan name tags are more like tattoos following the actions of both European side supports on Tuesday and Wednesday.

While Gunner fans need to realize the impact they had on their club’s performance, Paris St. Germain needs to realize what their post-game scrutiny can possibly ferment for future results.

Arsenal fans shouldn’t have expected better from their squad if they chose to voice “Wenger Out!” before the match with Bayern.

PSG shouldn’t expect claps from their squad even if they do perform in their remaining Lige 1 matches left. They have embarrassed themselves with their actions and should realize they need to be dealt punishment as well!

The drama generated by sports make it great and something that we love to engage with as fans but at some point it needs to be realized how we impact the game. In the acts of PSG and AFC fans they took it too far and both should equally as shamed for their blatant Hooliganism that was damning not only for their viewpoint from their clubs but also for the negativity created towards the naturally dramatic sport other proper supporters love! There’s no greater winner in the case of all these football loving losers!



Kaepernick’s Kneeling Was Actually Beneficial for American Patriotism!


Colin Kaepernick took a strong political stance by lowering himself to a knee on the sidelines throughout the 2016 NFL season this fall as a member of the San Francisco 49ers during the playing of the National Anthem. (1)

Kaepernick promised not to stop the kneeling until he felt he saw positive change. 

Recently, Kaepernick said he has seen that change by announcing that he will go back to standing on the sidelines during the song. 

Arguably, some feel the quarterback has only decided to stop kneeling because he will soon hit the market as an NFL free agent and is trying to make himself as employable as possible with his choice to erect himself back to full-mass. Others argue that there hasn’t been much change at all politically in America and that even Kaepernick’s awareness generated behind the kneeling movement hasn’t produced enough ACTUAL change. 

As a sports reporter in the heartland of America, it’s easy for me to challenge this arguement and tell you of how Kaepernick’s protest have impacted the pre-game ceremony, it just may not have been the former 49er QB’s hopes for it.

UNI took on Drake University this fall for a Missouri Valley Conference women’s soccer showdown in Cedar Falls, Iowa. The Bulldogs of Drake all held there hands over there chest, the Panthers of UNI locked hands. 

Both teams had there own special ways to show courtesy to the anthem. 

This was my fourth time covering the annual in-state rivalry game of Drake vs. UNI and could not recall such attention to detail shown towards how the team’s conduct themselves during the Anthem. Surely, one could challenge or even claim Kaepernick’s antics had nothing to do with that instance but evidence has shown globally that Kaepernick’s impact reached to more than conjured up conductions in a D1-AA women’s soccer game.

Adam Silver made public statements to try and promote/encourage NBA to not do the same as Kaepernick and show respect by standing during the playing of the Nation’s Theme Song. (3)

Even more recently, U.S. Soccer has announced a bylaw change that requires players to now stand during the National Anthem. Megan Rapinoe is a famous member of U.S. Women’s National Team that also participated in Kaepernick’s stance by kneeling during the National Anthem for social injustice. Rapinoe did it because Kaepernick originally did; direct impact! What did it directly change? The bylaw that was put in place to require standing for U.S. Soccer players. 

Oddly, and in what feels a lot like reverse psychology, Kaepernick’s originally unpatriotic kneel has caused a need for patriotic promotion. In a weird way, Colin Kaepernick is an ambassador for the National Anthem after disrespecting it.

Surely, if you can tie Kaepernick’s actions to a bylaw change by U.S. Soccer, or comments made by the NBA commissioner, you can believe that he reached influence of high school sports programs, college teams and clubs and in-general households all over America.

So, on America’s behalf, thank you Colin Kaepernick for helping to promote America. Strangely, all it took was for you to disrespect it. 

Good luck with the job hunt! Good news is Cleveland may be hiring! (4)



Belichick; “Whatta PAT-ronizer!”


When it comes to the NFL, the New England Patriots HAVE to be the bottom-line front runners for the most hated franchise in the league!

They’ve won five Super Bowls, appeared in eight and done it in boring and dominant fashion! They are a dynasty… but they don’t act like it!

They don’t smile when they score or give us juicy football gossip to talk about. 

The Pats simply crank out wins and get rewarded in trophies!

They seem to have this magical spell that inhabits those Patriotic colored uniforms and minute-man logo helmets that morphs them to winners that isn’t duplicated when they leave. After all, Matt Cassel’s best regular season as a starter was his only one in New England. (1) Jonas Grey fell off the NFL cliff after being released by the Patriots and only showed up on the stand-out radar for a few hours while with NE. (3) Logan Mankins was a perennial Pat pro-bowler whom was traded away from Massachusetts at the flick of a Belichick hoodie raise with no trace of loyalty to be seen to the vet. (4) The Patriots have no time for accreditation or room for lacking performance; either you nut up, shut up or get out of the way!

The Patriots are the equivalent to the guy you know that can eat a steady diet of Hardee’s and still look like an Abercrombie model. That girl who wears her outfit backwards by accident and suddenly its a fashion trend. They’re the Guy Fieri, the Regina George and the Saturday Night Live of football. You don’t know why they have so much success in life but they just do! It’s the kind of franchise that makes you sick with envy and once again the NFL world has to endure a gut-churning off-season of seeing the Death Star that is the New England  Patriots atop the NFL atmosphere after their Super Bowl LI victory on Sunday over the Atlanta Falcons; 34-28. (5)

Still, despite the wonder of why or how the Patriots managed to pull-off the improbable win Sunday credit is owed to the players and the coaches of the Patriots organization! They shut up the haters-parade and basked in their own celebratory fashion with a parade through Boston in wintry-mix setting on Tuesday. While the Darth Vader of the crew; head coach Bill Belichick exercised another act of poor loyalty in Patriot fashion; a very PAT-ronizing way if you will.

As most NFL fan-sheep (myself included) already know Belichick isn’t the type to have fun. As soon as one game ends he’s, “On to the next game.” And in a post-Super Bowl pressed he even admitted his mind was preoccupied with the recent hope to get caught up for next year. (6) But for a slight moment of the celebration parade, Belichick put his guard down, turned the football-engine off and allowed himself a little of fun. But was it at the Patriot fan’s expense?

Belichick started and led a chant at the parade podium Sunday and what did he choose to have repeated for all of the Northeast corner of America to sing; “NO DAYS OFF!” (1)

While most people at the parade, whether drunk with emotion, the moment, Patriotism or alcohol, unwittingly followed their traditionally bland leader most didn’t realize they were actually making hypocrites of themselves. Many Pat-praisers turned out for the event but keep in mind that it began at 11 AM… On a Tuesday. Begs the question; How did that many fans get the approval to cut out of work with their boss unless they are TAKING THE DAY OFF? 

The irony of Belichick’s chant has to leave you wondering, “Was he trying to incite guilt among the fans and his players/co-workers for being at the parade?”

Yeah, it’s a stretch and maybe all of those fans weren’t committing a guilty act. Perhaps, some had their lunch breaks at that time. Perhaps, some local schools/daycares made it a field trip day. Maybe, some of the people in the stands just so happened to have mid-day Tuesday’s off! But I can’t help but think with knowing Belichick’s historic trend of turning away distractions/turning down acts of fun, that he saw that podium as his opportunity to make unknowing fans and colleagues to feel guilty for even having a parade in the first place. Meniacle and malicious, yes! Above a mind like Bill Belichick’s, absolutely not!

I wouldn’t doubt right now, as the celebration has ended, Bill is somewhere deep within the cellars of the New England Patriot headquarters watching tape for next year or overviewing dead weight he needs to cut from the upcoming 2018 roster in order to make sure he isn’t, “Taking A Day Off himself!” Meanwhile the rest of PatNation forgets to clock-out/clock-in, blows off BIO211 Lecture Hall, skips the gym or makes the most of their burned sick day, avoiding the fact that they didn’t actually follow their pious leader’s chant today in reality.

The chant was a very PAT-ronizing move for the fact that it tarnished distraction while promoting irony and dedication. But fans won’t remember it that way one can be sure. To them this was just another great moment that they were out thought by their tricky throne-holder. As I said, he is Guy Fieri, Regina George and Saturday Night Live. You don’t know how he continues to do it but he does… 

The ultimate PAT-ronizer!

Touché Belichick, touché.